Supporting the Professor's Lecture
  • Make sure you know where to make photocopies. You might have to set up an account at the copy house through your department. Ask the staff at the copy facility what is their turnaround for jobs, and how far in advance you have to put in orders
  • Ask the office manager at your department to give you an extra set of markers, eraser, chalk, batteries and any other supplies that the professor regularly uses in class and have them available at all times during lecture
  • Show up at least 15 minutes early for lecture
  • Make sure you know how to switch the lights on and off, how to turn the level of the audio up and down in the room, how to turn on the computer or any other audiovisual equipment in the room (video projector, VCR, DVD player, overhead projector)
  • Be advised what to do if any of the equipment breaks down (who to call)
  • Know what to do if you show up for lecture and the room is locked (who has the key?)
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