Proctoring Exams

Find out whether you have to proctor more than one exam (some large classes meet on two different days of the week and the exams are given in two rounds)

Be prepared to fulfill the following tasks during exams:

Before the exam starts:

  • Make clear how much time they have
  • Give them five minutes to look over the exam and ask any general questions
  • Advise them about the penalty for cheating
  • Tell them whether they can go to the bathroom or not
  • Tell them to put away all their printed materials and to turn off cell phones and other electronic devices
  • Make sure you have the phone number of the professor, lab director, graduate coordinator or another person in the department (if none of the above is present at the exam) to call in case of emergency

During the exam:

  • Give the exam a reading and make sure there are no mistakes or blatantly confusing questions. If you discover a problem, alert the professor, lead TA or lab director
  • If you see a student using materials that are not allowed, first call another proctoring TA and ask her to witness the student’s misconduct. Only after that, call the professor, lead TA, lab director or other person who has the authority to make a decision regarding the student’s conduct
  • Never walk up to a student and accuse them of cheating before having first secured a witness!
  • Alert the students as the time passes (every 20 minutes or so)
  • Have blue books ready (if applicable) in case students ask for them
  • Ideally, also have a few pens ready…but that’s really not your responsibility
  • If possible, identify your students in the room and count them
  • If a student has a question about the content of the exam, check with the lead TA, the professor or the lab director if you’re not sure what the answer is
  • If several students ask the same question, announce your reply out loud – there are probably more students who need the same explanation

At the end of the exam:

  • Collect the exams when time is done
  • Count the exams and make sure their number corresponds to the number of students who were in the room
  • Put the exams in a folder or another storage item that is waterproof and closes safely
  • Make sure you don’t misplace them on your way home!
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