For Teaching Assistants in Arts

In some schools classes involve practical work, many times performed outside the classroom or the University premises. This often requires equipment that needs to be checked out or set up. Consider whether you need to perform any of these tasks for your session:

  • Inquire about the department’s policies regarding the equipment checkouts, room reservations and supply purchase
  • Pay a visit to the equipment room and introduce yourself. Ask what you can do to comply most efficiently the process of checking out (and checking in)
  • Pay a similar visit to the production office/costume warehouse/operations/stage managing (facilities) office
  • Inquire about the insurance procedures and forms. (If the class has an insurance fee, you will have to give insurance forms to the students, show them how to fill them out, and then collect them and deliver to the appropriate office)
  • Learn how to use the equipment and facilities where the class will take place. Reserve a few hours before the first day of class and take a trip to the room. If the room is a stage, an audiovisual room (e.g., editing facility) or an art studio, make sure you personally handle the equipment and the technology available in the room. You will probably be provided with a training session from the staff, but if they don’t offer, ask!
  • Ask the professor whether you are expected to be on call for the students who are out working on their projects, and if so, when exactly (weekends, evenings, both, one weekend a month etc.). If you are expected to be on call, make sure all the students have the number where you can be reached, and make sure you are available to pick up the phone or at least return the call within the hour.
  • Know what to do in case of emergency: have the DPS and insurance company info handy
  • Ask a person who was the TA for the class before what are the kind of issues that might come up.
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