Roles, Responsibilities, and Rewards of TA-ing

This section is designed to help you conceptualize your TA-ship. The information provided here should help you realize your role as a TA, including responsibilities to your class and to the professor. Additionally, a summary of some benefits of being a TA are presented. Feel free to explore the content in any order.

Be aware of Teaching Roles: There are different types of teaching roles that you as a TA can play in the classroom. This section will classify different teaching situations according to the amount of control and responsibilities you will have as a TA, taking into account the demands and design of the specific class you are teaching and the style of teaching that is most authentic and comfortable for you.

Understand and plan for your Assistantship Role: This section will help you recognize and plan for your appropriate assistantship role and be aware of your responsibilities to the professor and the students, based on how the professor of the class has structured your involvement.

Know how university policies shape your Responsibilities: This section will help you interpret and execute university policies as they relate to your responsibilities to your professor, your students, and yourself. This section will also tell you students’ and professors’ responsibilities according to university policies.

Plan for short- and long-term rewards of TAing: Being a TA provides you with a range of short and long term rewards. Keeping these personal, professional, and academic rewards in mind will help you get the most out of your teaching experience.

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