Quiz-games, Word search and Crosswords

Quiz-games. Think “Jeopardy!” – make up a list of questions and answers, and play a game that encourages students to pull together information from their homework, readings, lectures and discussions.

This can be a great review tool…particularly at a time in the semester when students are feeling burned out. Just make sure to keep things fun and positive, not overly-competitive.

Word search or crossword. Use important words or topics as the words in the search or crossword, with definitions, explanations, trivia, events, dates, etc. as the “hints” for students to find the words in the puzzles.

These can take a bit of preparation time on the TA’s part, but can be very invaluable and engaging tools in the classroom (and the students will really appreciate knowing you cared enough to make their learning experience fun!).

Check out this SAMPLE WORD SEARCH.

And visit Discovery Education's free PUZZLEMAKER to help design a custom Word Search.

Tools for measuring understanding

Notecards Assignments, Quizzes, etc.

More classroom activities

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