Learning Styles

Every students learns differently. It is imporant to recognize that within one discussion section you will most likely have students with varrying learning styles. Thus, you can lead a more effective section if you can assess your students' learning styles and incorporate different styles of teaching to better address their various needs.

  • What are learning styles?

Generally, learning styles are perferences for a certain learning mode.

One of the most common assessments and categorizations of learning styles is VARK.
Visual (learning by seeing),
Auditory (learning by listening),
Reading/writing (learning by processing text), (R is often omitted)
Kinesthetic (learning by doing)

Other common typologies of learning styles include:

Myers'-Briggs Type Indicator

  • Extraversion-Introversion
  • Sensing-Intuition
  • Thinking-Feeling
  • Judging-Perceiving

Helpful Link: http://www2.gsu.edu/~dschjb/wwwmbti.html

Kolb's Learning Style Inventory

  • Concrete Experience
  • Reflective Observation
  • Abstract Conceptualization
  • Active Experimentation

Helpful Link: http://www.businessballs.com/kolblearningstyles.htm

Learning Style Survey for College http://www.metamath.com/lsweb/fourls.htm
Learning Styles Online http://www.learning-styles-online.com/overview/
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