Journaling Reflection

Journaling and Reflection. Try asking students to write a stream-of-consciousness reaction to a reading/class/concept. This usually takes minimal preparation from you, but will require the TA to review what students have written.

Journaling can help students connect personally with course materials, but can also bring up thoughts that students might not feel comfortable sharing with the class, so be sensitive!

Try taking advantage of Blackboard or having students keep their own “journals” to hand in at points throughout the semester. Journals might even be anonymous.

There are many ways to approach journaling, but it’s often best when you provide students with prompts to get them thinking.

  • How is Event A similar or dissimilar to current political events?
  • The ability to calculate a derivative is considered to have changed the face of the world…how does the notion of the derivative and the integral of a function impact your world?
  • Of the things you’ve learned in this class, which resonates most deeply with you, why?

Tools for measuring understanding

Notecards Assignments, Quizzes, etc.

More classroom activities

Pairwork or Pair-Share Groupwork Debates Each-one Teach-one Quizzes & Games
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