Interacting With Students

By completing the lesson on Interacting with Students, you will learn to:

Here you will discover why getting to know your students is essential to great classroom dynamics. Letting them in on who you are also makes interacting with students easier and more enriching. Find out some strategies to make this process work for you!

Here you will learn to implement effective strategies for communicating with students both inside and outside of the classroom. What do your students want to hear? How can you get them to remember what you say? What is effective communication anyway?

What is a safe learning environment? How do you create a space that students feel good about being in? In this section you will discover how to develop and maintain a safe learning space throughout the semester.

With this link you can find out how to classify and respond to varying educational, cultural, and emotional needs of your students. Once you can identify what your student is going through, we will walk you through strategies to effectively deal with your student's issue.

Here you will find out how to make it clear to your students that you are a professional, and how to deal with students who cross the line.

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