Be Fair, Objective And Prompt
  • Grade as fast as you'd like your professors to grade your own papers — yes, that fast!
  • If you're in charge of your own class, schedule a quiz or the date a paper is due on a day that's convenient for you.
  • While you're doing the exam/ assigning a paper, think concretely of what you're looking for in a good paper. It will accelerate your grading and will make it fair.
  • Don't look whose exam it is. You don't need to know until you're giving the final grade. It' ll help you to favor (or not) a student. This is what you don't want to find yourself doing!
  • On the other hand, it's good to see what an A test paper is and what an F paper is. Make sure in the end everybody gets the grade (s)he deserves.
  • Clearly explain yourself when you're taking off points. Transparency is always appreciated. This way, the students will see what they did well or not and will get a chance to improve. You should have a valid reason for everything you wrote on their papers.
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