Efforts and Attention: Yes, there's a way to evaluate this too!

Again, let your students know the "rules of the game." It will ensure a fair game and a fun one!

  • The grade will be lowered if:

- you, the instructor, hear or see a cell phone
- a student is disrespectful to others (mocking other students in a mean way, being negative: from refusing to work with peers to "I don't care, it sucks", interrupting people who speak constantly)
- a student clearly hasn't done the readings and is unable to contribute to class discussion

  • The grade will be raised if:

- the student helps others, contributes to group and class activities, tries even when is wrong
- the students asks questions (I know, "there's no stupid question", but "Oh, there was something to read for today?" is not what I'm thinking about here. I mean a question on something they didn't understand but still shows evidence of some work done!)
- the student is on time, with his or her eyes open — present body and soul!

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