Grading Exams And Assignments


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Grading Exams

There are many factors to consider when preparing to grade an exam. They range from the type of exam (Scantron, written, etc), content, level of student, etc. This section will give you examples and ideas for several exam types.

Grading Papers

Of all the things that you have to grade, papers can take up the most time. These tips will equip you with the skills and confidence you need to grade papers effectively and efficiently.

Grading Lab Reports

Lab reports can be very simple assignments or written analysis. The general principles are covered here.

Grading Oral Presentations

Even experienced instructors find it challenging to grade oral presentations. These guidelines will help you to grade speeches and oral of projects more objectively.

Grading Group Work

Although group projects provide a great learning opportunity, there are many concerns about group testing strategy, most of them having to do with grading. Here are some suggestions.

Grading Participation

It doesn't seem to be as objective as grading a paper… But you know what? It is!

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