For many of your students, grades are extremely important if not the most important component of the class.

Some students forget their papers at home, their answers the day of a quiz, or even the date or place of a final exam, but they NEVER forget to check what grade they got — so be prepared!

Grading Principles and Policies

Grading 101: Start here and become a fair grader by all standards.

Grading Exams and Assignments

How to grade exams, papers, oral presentations, and more.

Standardizing Your Grading

How to grade objectively - with senior professors, other TAs, or on your own.

Recording and Calculating Grades

How to set up a gradebook, keep track of everything, and calculate final grades.

Communicating about Grades

How quickly should you get your grading done? How should you handle student complaints?

Late Work or Missing Exams

How to establish and enforce course policies.

Academic Dishonesty

How to prevent and address cheating or plagiarism.

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