Each One Teach One

Each-One Teach-One. This exercise requires students to be involved in teaching, and can be ideal for times when a long list of simple topics need to be covered (and it can be much less boring than having the TA lecture on each topic).

Preparation can be very simple, just finding the list of topics; and can be used for any subject. It can be spur-of-the-moment based on reading or lecture material, or you can give students time to research and prepare.

Keep it low-key and fast-paced by giving each student only a few minutes to “teach” his/her topic. Let students know that they’re not expected to be perfect, and that you’re likely to jump in and add commentary as needed.

Remember that some students will do an amazing job, while others may not present their topic well, either because of lack of preparation or because of nerves speaking in front of the class. Make sure you’re ready to help fill in any gaps that might remain after a student presents.

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