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Contributor Efforts Year(s) Contact
Lawford Anderson CET Director 2007-2008 ude.csu|nosredna#ude.csu|nosredna
Michelle Babcock Executive Committee 2006-2008 ude.csu|kcocbabm#ude.csu|kcocbabm
Laurence Clerfeuille Executive Committee, Teaching with Technology 2006-2008 moc.oohay|elliuefrelcecnerual#moc.oohay|elliuefrelcecnerual
Mark Elliot Teaching with Technology 2007-2008 ude.csu|toillem#ude.csu|toillem
Christina Law Weekly Lab Sessions 2006 - 2008 ude.csu|ljc#ude.csu|ljc
Michal Martinez Teaching with Technology 2007-2008 ude.csu|nitramtm#ude.csu|nitramtm
Urvi Patel - 2007 - 2008 ude.csu|letapu#ude.csu|letapu
Greg Placencia Teaching with Technology, Executive Committee 2006-2008 ude.csu|icnecalp#ude.csu|icnecalp
Chad Topaz TAF Coordinator 2006-2007 -
Jeanine E. Yutani Weekly Discussion Sessions 2007-2008 ude.csu|inatuy#ude.csu|inatuy
Bilal Zafar Executive Committee 2007-2008 ude.csu|rafazb#ude.csu|rafazb

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