Academic Dishonesty

Academic Dishonesty or academic misconduct is an assault upon the basic integrity and meaning of higher education and it constitutes any type of cheating that occurs in relation to a formal academic exercise. Review of current literature reveals that academic dishonesty is somewhat epidemic across most college campuses (Baird, 1980; Davis, Grover, Becker, & McGregor, 1992; Eskridge & Ames, 1993). It has been reported that between 40 and 70 percent of all college students have reported cheating sometime during their academic career (Aiken, 1991; Davis, Grover, Becker, and McGregor, 1992, Williams, 1964).

What constitutes academic dishonesty?

  • Cheating—Any attempt to gain an unfair advantage by using external assistance during an examination or an unauthorized collaboration with another person in preparation of academic assignments.
  • Deception—Providing false information concerning a formal academic exercise.
  • Fabrication—The falsification of data, information, or citations in any formal academic exercise.
  • Falsification— Alteration of official or unofficial records.
  • Plagiarism—The use of ideas or words or statements of another person without due acknowledgment.
  • Sabotage—Preventing others from completing their work (e.g., removing pages from library books).

University policies and resources regarding academic dishonesty

Students at USC are considered to be maturing adults, capable of making their own decisions as well as accepting the consequences for those decisions. In cases involving alleged academic integrity violations, the appropriate action is initiated by the course instructor or appropriate university official.

Possible consequences and penalties

Sanctions and consequences of academic dishonesty include but aren’t limited to a grade penalty on an assignment, failure of the course, dismissal from an academic unit, revocation of admission, suspension from the university, revocation of degree and expulsion from the university. Click here for more information.

Tips for preventing academic dishonesty

There are many preventive measure that you can adopt to combat cheating and plagiarism.

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